Wednesday, April 29, 2015

how does a cat hold a weapon?

Here's a tiny glimpse into the deep and extensively super secrete design process here at  Today, an actual conversation happened in our illustrious office towers (aka, Jay's crappy house).
  • Jay: So how does a cat hold a gun anyway?
  • Saya: I dunno. Can't we just have the rockets magically appear from behind the cat sprite?
  • Jay: No! That doesn't make any sense at all.
  • Saya: Then how come we didn't have him holding any weapons till now?
  • Jay: 'Cuz we were too lazy.
  • Saya: Because maybe the bullets just magically come into existence through the cat's sheer force of will?  He is a rocket riding space cat after all.
  • Third Person (who shall not be named!): Why not just make the cat anthropomorphically correct and have him stand on two legs and hold the gun with his hands?
  • Jay & Saya: .......
  • Jay: Uh, let's just prop the gun sprite on the cat's back.
  • Saya: Yup, good enough.
  • Jay: And make it big and unwieldy.
Before: helpless, unarmed kitty

After: angry cat stress relief class.

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