Thursday, May 7, 2015

trailer incoming

Many countless seconds were spent today splicing up some juicy video tidbits -- bits which, when mixed together, will somehow coalesce into something visually, aesthetically, and aurally pleasing to your well-refined palates.

In other words, we're making a trailer. Wee! Here's a sneak peak.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

how does a cat hold a weapon?

Here's a tiny glimpse into the deep and extensively super secrete design process here at  Today, an actual conversation happened in our illustrious office towers (aka, Jay's crappy house).
  • Jay: So how does a cat hold a gun anyway?
  • Saya: I dunno. Can't we just have the rockets magically appear from behind the cat sprite?
  • Jay: No! That doesn't make any sense at all.
  • Saya: Then how come we didn't have him holding any weapons till now?
  • Jay: 'Cuz we were too lazy.
  • Saya: Because maybe the bullets just magically come into existence through the cat's sheer force of will?  He is a rocket riding space cat after all.
  • Third Person (who shall not be named!): Why not just make the cat anthropomorphically correct and have him stand on two legs and hold the gun with his hands?
  • Jay & Saya: .......
  • Jay: Uh, let's just prop the gun sprite on the cat's back.
  • Saya: Yup, good enough.
  • Jay: And make it big and unwieldy.
Before: helpless, unarmed kitty

After: angry cat stress relief class.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

super rocket cat is watching you play video games

Not much to see right now.  Here is the main character for our upcoming game, Super Rocket Cat Deluxe.  Title pending forever, until we actually do a release.

As we are currently too poor and not persuasive enough to find a designer willing to work for free, most of the game's assets are purchased cheaply online, or are available from  Just a very slight upgrade from programmer art and, to be honest, not that bad.

We suspect the site will be in an eternal state of flux as well.  

Meh.  Thanks for stopping by!